Getting On Our Soapbox

Watch out, Hope and Chris now have a soapbox. Actually, thanks to Hope’s dad, we have more than 40 adorable, handmade wooden soapboxes. Don’t worry, you won’t have to endure any long winded speeches from us. Our new soapboxes will be used to display our wares at local farmers’ markets and craft … Read More

Thanks To Hope’s Dad

Thanks to Hope’s Dad, Bud, for making our soap molds. He even named them all, George, Paul, John and Ringo, after the Beatles. He also made our awesome soap cutter.  Its name is Harley because it’s a chopper :) . Here he is testing the new soap cutter…Ahem, Harley.

Our Story

18th Street Soap Company was started by two friends, Hope and Chris. We were looking for unique gifts to give to family and friends. Being the creative types, we knew we wanted to make something, but it had to be something special.  Wandering through a local store, it dawned on us; we … Read More

Better Late Than Never

We finally found the time to get our website up and running!  We encourage you to continue purchasing our soap from local merchants, but if you live out of town, or would like to order gift baskets, please make use of our new online store.  In addition to the store, you will … Read More

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