Earthly Beauty Now Open!

18th Street Soap is now available at Earthly Beauty. Earthly Beauty is a new store in Omaha, in Rockbrook Village.Earthly Beauty

Earthly Beauty was born out of the desire to provide a place where you can trust that the products being sold have been researched to comply with one over-riding mantra which is to Do no harm.

This is done by ensuring that all products comply with the three core principles of


This means that the companies we choose to source our products are transparent in regard to the ingredients they include and that the sourcing and manufacture of these ingredients “do no harm” to you, the consumer, but also to the environment from which the ingredients are harvested nor to animals which means the products are mostly vegan. The few animal ingredient exceptions are beeswax, honey, and humanely and sustainably produced goats milk. We will not promote any products that were produced using animal testing.


Visit Earthly Beauty
2814 S 110th Ct.,
Omaha, NE 68144
Phone: (402) 672-2314