Hubble, The Dog Behind The Soap

Named after Hubble’s Law, Hubble the Dog expanded, like the universe, into every aspect of our lives. A goofy, crossbreed Lab, Hubble is known around Lincoln, Nebraska.

At 4 months, Hubble walked into the Capital Humane Society’s visitor room and sat in front of his unsuspecting future human. Hubble had spoken.

Of his many road trips, Hubble’s favorite place is Big Horn National Park. But he also loves Lincoln, Nebraska. Lincoln maintains many parks, five of which are in walking distance from his home. “Sniffing the daily news on the way to a park centers a dog,” he barked.

On his 11th birthday, Hubble teamed up with 18th Street Soap. “Dogs too need a simple, cruelty-free soap to look their best.” And looking good is what Hubble does well, even if he does walk a bit like a camel.

When asked what he will do on his 12th birthday? “Promote forever homes for unwanted, abandoned, senior pets whose humans may have passed or had to move into senior housing,” he barked. “In addition to barking treats out of my human, of course.” Hubble, always the trickster.

Author: Carolyn M. Nolte, Hubble’s Human